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As a final gift I would like to extend the invitation for a free 30 minute consultation with me or one of my wealth strategy team after you read the book to get all your questions answered. This is personal one-on-one access to me and my team and there is absolutely no charge for this appointment; just another valuable bonus for purchasing “The Perpetual Wealth System”. You just have to contact our office after you download the free bonuses and we will set an appointment with you.

Thank you for investing in you and your family’s financial future. Not only will you get a great book and many valuable bonus items but you will also get me and my team in your corner to help you implement many of these programs if you wish. Do it now and enjoy all the life changing information you will be receiving!

All the best,

John Jamieson

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These bonuses for book buyers are worth many thousands of dollars if you will act even on a small portion of them. To qualify for these bonuses you just need to fill out the form below and purchase my book “The Perpetual Wealth System” from your favorite retailer and then email us the receipt. We will then get you out your bonus link to download all these valuable gifts.

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Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark is a Private capital, commercial hard money business financing expert and national speaker. He specializes in helping people and businesses find money to fund their dreams. Kevin also works with people to show them how they can work very part time and earn a very significant income by simply finding people who need loans for their business or real estate.  Kevin is offering anyone who buys The Perpetual Wealth System the opportunity to work with him right from their homes and with no start up fees.  This is a very legitimate opportunity to earn a significant income very part time.  You will be given all the details in your free download.  When opportunity knocks......please open the door!

Create a Real Estate Cash Flow Machine!

Foreclosures are at all time highs and this has created the perfect storm to create your own real estate cash flow machine. You will receive a 90 minute recording of me in front of a live crowd describing exactly how to buy houses in nice areas for dirt cheap and then turn them into cash flow machines that pump out money every month. Find out the best area to do this in and how my team and I can actually do it for you! There will never be a better time than now to create more wealth with cash flow real estate. This video will explain all the ins and outs and how to do it properly.

How to take any good idea and create a Mega Marketing plan that turns it into a six figure income in 12 to 24 months every time

Have you ever wanted to start a business? Do you think you have a good idea for a business but don’t know how to make it a reality? Do you have an existing business that you would like to double or triple it’s income? If any of these is true in your life than you have to learn mega marketing! Mega marketing is an absolute must to find your unique selling proposition, find your ideal prospects, put a message to that market that is effective, effectively generate leads, follow up on those leads, and close sales! I have had the good fortune to start several businesses from nothing more than an idea. I built most of those businesses from idea to six figure income businesses by using the strategies found in this audio program that is yours for free as a bonus for ordering the book.

create your own pension that never loses money and pays you for a lifetime

  • How to double your retirement income in 6 years with zero market risk.
  • How to guarantee you and your spouse have income for the rest of your lives no matter how long you live.
  • How your pension can help handle any long term care or home health care needs you may have in the future.
  • What to do with your IRA money to never lose a dime of your principle ever again.
  • Why you don’t need a company sponsored pension when you can create your own.

And More!!

“The Entrepreneurial Author”

by David L. Hancock (E-Book)

David Hancock has helped to revolutionize the publishing world with a unique hybrid publishing system that is a great fit for people that own businesses. He is the owner of Morgan James Publishing and is helping thousands of authors get their messages into the public arena. Did you know that a book can dramatically increase your exposure and credibility for your business? How would you like to be the expert in your field? Would you like to double or triple your income seemingly effortlessly? Then you must combine a book with your business and become an author instead of just a marketing person or salesperson. Simply being a consultant and a good person is not enough if you want to make big money. You need to be the expert. This book is loaded with ideas on how to create profits by using a book as the centerpiece of all your efforts.

Most people’s money is at huge risk everyday inside of their 401k and they have no idea what to do about that situation. Many other people have monies they are counting on for retirement and really have no idea how to grow and protect that money at the same time. You will be let in on the biggest secret in the financial world and it is called a “Private Pension”. Find out:

The fastest, easiest, & Most Profitable Ways to Make MOney Online in Just 7 Steps...

by Brian T. Edmondson

Author Brian T. Edmondson has helped tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs and business owners utilize the power of the internet and email marketing to turn their profits into passions and grow their businesses online.  Read his report for "The Fastest, Easiest, & Most Profitable Ways to Make Money Online in Just 7 Steps...

In this internet money making report you will discover...

  • The fastest, easiest, & most profitable ways I know to make money online...
  • 3 Proven Online Business Models that run on virtual autopilot (just set it and forget it) The World's Craziest Internet Business
  • What internet business building tools to make your life easier and which ones to avoid...7 Simple Steps to Getting Your First Website, First Subscriber, & First Sale Every Single Time...And much, much more...

This free special report reveals my top 3 fastest, easiest,and most profitable ways of making money online. And I break it all down for you in just 7 simple steps.

These are the exact same strategies and techniques that have been used to build multi-million dollar online empires, and it's yours for the taking...

Bloggers Guide to Profits

by W. Terry Whalin (E-Book)

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? How about a blog that makes a difference? Now how would you like to actually make a living with your book and blog? My friend and business associate Terry Whalin has been in the publishing industry for many years and has helped get hundreds of writing projects off of the ground. He has helped me personally get my own project out of my head and in the marketplace.

Terry has included a free copy of his ebook “Blogging for Profits” which is a step by step guide for anyone who wants to either start a blog or use their current blog and make income from that blog. Did you know that blogging is a huge way in which people get information and news all over the world? It is also an area that is growing by leaps and bounds. Use Terry’s information to get in on the huge wave and get your message out there in the public. Terry is a huge resource to have on your team.

How to save thousands in income tax every year for the rest of your life

Did you know that income taxes are the single biggest expense that most people have over their lifetimes yet most people really don’t know how the system works? Uncle Sam counts on this lack of knowledge to hose the American public every year. I was able to interview some of the top tax experts in the country to show the average family how to save over $7,000 a year in income taxes! Could you use an extra $7,000 this year? If you are a high income earner than that figure will be doubled or tripled! Find out why being an employee is the highest taxed occupation in the country and why business owners get all the tax benefits. Find out how to start your own business for under $100.00 and immediately qualify for thousands of dollars of tax deductions. Learn how to write off your car, boat, vacations, meals, cruises, air plane tickets, stays at resorts, and dozens of other things just by listening and acting on this powerful audio.

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How to get cash to fund your business

Scott Letourneau of Nevada Corporate Planners shares with you inside secrets of getting money for your business. Scott has helped thousands of people all over the country start their businesses and is an expert in many areas of business. This is what Scott says:

“You may have seen online ads for companies that “guarantee” $100,000 or more in unsecured cash funding in 48 hours. You will learn why MOST of these offers are “too good to be true” and how to optimize the three critical ingredients your business must have in place to secure more money.

The insights you’ll gain come from the best practices we’ve discovered helping thousands of clients make a fast start to profits since 1997. This is your opportunity to accelerate the learning curve and jump to the head of the line. By the end of this information-packed session you’ll know the answers to all of these questions and more:

  •     What IS business credit and how can it REALLY help you secure more business funding?
  •     What criteria do lenders REALLY look at to determine if your business is a low or high credit risk?
  •     When does your personal credit score make a difference and what can you do if it’s less than perfect?
  •     When should your business consider a cash advance and when should you stay away from it?
  •     What steps should you take in the next 3-6 months to position your business to secure more money?

…plus a detailed breakdown of the ACTUAL UNDERWRITING PROCESS and how it affects your business credit status and your ability to secure more money for your business." 

Thank you for investing in your financial future with the purchase of my latest book “The Perpetual Wealth System”. This book will change you and your family’s life for generations to come as it has done for me and for many clients from all over the country.

I wanted to make the decision to buy this book an absolute no brainer and bring thousands of dollars of value to you by investing in this book. The Perpetual Wealth System is so much more than a book. It is really a financial blueprint that will enable you to retire early with plenty of money and income to support your lifestyle. The book alone will be worth millions of dollars to you over your lifetime if you will simply use the information. We even help you implement what you learn in the book so there really is no excuse.

I have had many of my friends and business associates help me get the word out about this powerful book and many of them have agreed to offer special bonuses to everyone who buys the book. I want to thank these special people for helping me get the word out about what we are doing here at Perpetual Wealth Systems. I also want to thank everyone who helped me get the word out either through emails or social media. Thank you! There are too many people to mention here but your help is very much appreciated and if you heard of this opportunity from a friend’s email or social media post, please reach out to them and thank them for putting this opportunity in your hand! I have also included many valuable bonuses from our company training library that will affect positive financial results for your family by next week!

The only catch is that this is a limited time offer. Just email us your receipt from your favorite retailer to get all these valuable bonuses. Pre-register using the form below to help expedite receiving your free bonuses.

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