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Accredited Income Property Specialist
with Jason Hartman

"John Jamieson is from Detroit and is the owner of the Perpetual Wealth System. He is also the best selling author for the book entitled The Perpetual Wealth System. His work and business focuses on helping people develop better business models and to create tax free wealth. He talks to Jason today about Detroit and its economic decline."

with Kris Miller

Showing people how they are getting robbed by Banks, Wall Street, and Uncle Sam and how to stop it now while creating tax free generational wealth.
You see, the average American family spends approximately 35% of their income on outgoing payments. We pay that money to banks and finance companies for the use of their money. Meanwhile we are told to invest 10% of our income into 401ks, IRAs, and other similar investment vehicles and hope the stock market goes up so maybe one day we can retire. That is a broke business model and has been proven flawed and yet that lie is still being sold to Americans every day.

Financial Survival Network
with Kerry Lutz

Series of interviews with John:

Dec 2013   From college dropout to successful     

                business man
Jan 2013   Perpetual Financing System
Apr 2013   A new slant on the age old retirement

               savings dilemma
July 2013   Chose your agent wisely
Aug 2013   Is retirement confiscation coming

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age
with Roy Richards

"Roy Richards speaks with John Jamison, 'the Wealth Doctor,' and explains why millions of baby boomers’ retirement savings are at risk and what you can do to protect your money. 'It's so pleasing to have a guest like John who has built businesses, accumulated wealth and inspired others along the way rather than someone just spouting theoretical platitudes.'"

Ozarks Today
with Bryan Vanderhoof

"John Jamieson is an entertaining and informative guest for any show.  He explains an relatively unknown, but interesting topic in a way anyone can understand.  John brings a high energy presentation that will captivate your listeners."

Nevada Corporate Planners
with Scott Letourneau

"Ever wonder how to speed up the process to accumulate wealth faster, like the really wealthy folks do? Learning how to model the same approach can put you on track for your financial goals. Letourneau discussed with Jamieson these powerful financial strategies to grow your wealth: How and why you should be your own financial vehicle. Why the banks are getting rich and you AREN’T – and how to turn the tables! Why you are using the “broke” business model and what you should be doing differently. How to use this model to leverage other investments to grow your wealth quickly (just like the big banks do)!"

Read My Lips
with Bonnie D. Graham

"The Perpetual Wealth System reveals the secrets of banks, major corporations and wealthy families. Hear how to never lose a dime again; get the government out of your pocket; use 'reverse money flow' to retire earlier with tax-free money; start your own family financing company. A high school failure and college dropout, John created multiple 6-figure incomes in business and real estate after buying investment property at age 21. Now he helps investors, business owners and individuals create private financing pools."

Erskine Overnight
with Erskine Payton

"John Jamieson has created The Perpetual Wealth System which allows us to see things as they are not the way we've been told by bankers, Wall Street, or even Uncle Sam. If you feel you can handle the truth John delivers. John makes a lot of sense. He can deliver more usable information in one hour than I received in 4 years of college. Thank you, John Jamieson, for giving my listeners an opportunity to break free from the perpetual debt system into the Perpetual Wealth System. You're offering freedom for those who will embrace the opportunity."

  • Erskine Overnight36:50
  • Read My Lips1:00:00
  • Nevada Corporate Planner59:11
  • Ozarks Today24:48
  • Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age0:00
  • FSN: From college droupout to successful businessman17:29
  • FSN: Perpetual Financing System22:41
  • FSN:A new slant on the age old retirement savings dilema21:27
  • FSN: Choose your agent wisely22:56
  • FSN: Is retirement confiscation coming?21:52
  • Pretirement0:00
  • Accredited Income Property Specialist59:11
John with Floyd Wickman at the
2014 Floyd Wickman Forum
John Jamieson
John with Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
John speaking at a Trump Seminar


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